abolish columbus day wtf: and another chapter of “the things i learn on facebook”

asta the dog“Actually, most educated Europeans believed the world was spherical. Aristotle had demonstrated it in the fourth century BC. His argument, that southern constellations rose higher in the sky the farther south you travelled and that the shadow of the earth during a lunar eclipse is round, were pretty ironclad. Even before that, most Greeks believed the Earth was spherical. Eratosthenes even reasonably estimated its circumference in the third century BC. I have no clue why they taught us Columbus was unique in believing the Earth was circumnavigable.

Columbus was a murderous shitbag. I have a low tolerance for holidays celebrating mass murder (like Chanukah). Luckily, Monday is also Canadian Thanksgiving, which is somewhat less offensive.” – alex priest on facebook, 10/07/10

update 10/08/10:
the things i learn on faceboo


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