the king john jean plaidy book and villette by charlotte bronte

i haven’t written here in a while. i haven’t written anywhere in a while either. i don’t write much in general. except for emails and txts and work shit.

i have a short attention span.

i like to read fiction so u’d think i’d like to write fiction but i don’t. i can’t. my mind does not work that way.

but, i acquired a book called How Fiction Works by james woods. i figure if i understand what the elements of writing fiction are i can possibly duplicate it. that’s like being a hack. oh well. i’m not really passionate about it so whatevs.

so what else have u been reading, betty? you ask?

King John Tomb

King John Tomb - (taken from the interwebs (sorry i forgot which site))

King John of England (John Lackland)

King John of England the Douche (from the interwebs, forget which site, sorry)

i read Bastard King by jean plaidy.

in summary, king john was a dick and that’s why no one who gave birth to someone in line to the english throne named their son john. he was likely poisoned when he stayed at a monastery whilst traveling that’s how hated he was.

oh and he was such a douche to the ruling class people that they ganged up on him and coerced him into signing the magna carta which limits the english monarch’s powers and puts in some checks of the ruling class council. i didn’t know that. i should have.

that put me 17 jean plaidy books out of 95 read. i ordered the next in the plantagenet series, The Queen from Provence, but it hasn’t arrived yet.

so what did u do next, betty? you ask?

Charlotte Bronte Photograph

Charlotte Bronte (taken from the interwebs, sorry, didn't note which site.)

i was at my mom’s for xmas eve and took charlotte bronte’s Villette off her shelf. it was like taking acid as reading jean plaidy is like a single bong hit! no shit.

made me realize how marginal and sterile and simple plaidy’s writing is. altho, i still like her books and will read them all.

really, Villette is really immersive. you feel like you are there in 19th century villette with our little english protagonist. i’m not good at writing and describing things – but here’s my attempt – the writing is light and clear and lovely and proper and lovely. i don’t know how to describe her writing. how does she choose what objects in the scenes to describe? how does she choose what about the environment to describe? these are some of the mysteries of fiction writing to me. how does she choose which inner thoughts of the protagonist narrator’s to share with us readers? i don’t know but i love her writing. i want to read her other books that i haven’t read. (i read Wuthering Heights aeons ago – looooved it. also Jane Eyre which i remember as being ok yet enjoyable.) oh wait wuthering heights was her sis emily.

anyhoo, you, gentle reader, should read it. ok?

ok. next.

so i’m still waiting for The Queen from Provence so i started My Life as an Experiment: One Man’s Humble Quest to Improve Himself by Living as a Woman, Becoming George Washington, Telling No Lies, and Other Radical Tests cuz i got it for my sis for xmas and she finished it and gave it to me to read and said it was good. it’s cute and funny. and it mentioned a guy i went to college with (Gary Marcus) who’s on my facebook list who published some books! i didn’t know he’s published books (non-fiction). it’s a fun way to find out such things.

blah blah blah i’d be surprised if anyone is reading this. HI! if you are!


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