i resolve to have a midlife crisis, vice-filled 2011 – fuck yeah!

cocaine new year

(picture appropriated from thenextweb.com from an article on copyright notices which was TLDR) DISCLAIMER to anyone who doesn't know me: this pic is used w/ sarcasm, i do not intend to become a cokehead this year. that was last year. haha just kidding. i just thought it was a funny picture. relax.

betty, what is your new year’s resolution? i hear you wondering, gentle reader.

there are a few. in order of priority:

  1. i should get out more and be more social; at least once a week see someone that i don’t normally see weekly
  2. get in better shape and lose some freakin weight
  3. maybe find a bed buddy or boyfriend
  4. maybe try that wretched online dating thing again, ugh prolly not; i’d rather go to dive bars and pick up naughty hooligans like this:
    1960s hells angels in handcuffs

    (taken from friend's facebook profile and he forgets where he found it.) If you know where i can buy a print of this please email me!


  5. be more ass kicking like the grrl in the grrl who with the dragon tattoo (this should motivate me to go to gym more)

^ i predict that a year from now, as always, none of these things will materialize. i’ll still be going to bed at 9pm and reading sappy novels.


i was just sick monday – friday the week between xmas and new years, the week that i get a free week off from work. wtf. i lost my week. i had wanted to do many things like tidy messy cabinets and closets, throw shit away and things like that. update my web site. and do some freelance work (i still have to do that!)



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