The Follies of the King, book 8 of 14 in the Plantagenet series by Jean Plaidy, King Edward II


The Follies of the King by Jean Plaidy was abt edward II who was gay. this book would make an amazing movie. (actually, it was made into a movie which i started watching on netflix but it was really bad, was a film of a minimalist theatrical production.)

The barons banded together and had both his male lovers assassinated cuz these lover dudes allegedly had too much control over the king and the king bestowed excessive gifts and land and titles on them and they (the king and beau) spent excessively in general. I wonder why they didn’t just allow gay marriage back then. oh I guess it was a matter of state that the king produce an heir. could add this episode to homophobia throughout history. I doubt the barons would have done the same if these extramarital lovers had been female.

cuz he was a bad king for frittering away the country’s $ on extravagances, the queen (who was massively jealous of the king’s beaus and resentful she was stuck in the loveless marriage), the prince (manipulated by the queen) and the barons had edward II deposed! how crazy is that?! he soon after died and believed assassinated so ppl wouldn’t pester edward III’s crown by rallying behind Ed II.

now I’m on the next book about Ed III.


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