ohai long time no post

i’ve been so busy at work no time to post pointless crap here. long weekend now yay.

i also have a nice hampshire (my alma mater) student staying w/ me and interning for me at the office for the summer. (he’s doing very well picking up IA/UX wicked fast and smart like a good HC person would.)  so with someone in the apt to talk to, less time to post pointless crap. but that’s ok.

i’ve read quite a few jean plaidy books since last posted about them. the whole plantagenet series is really engaging. it kind of fizzles towards the end with henry VI onwards. the last few kings were wimpy. no wonder they lost their line.

i have to take a tree like this image below and make notes like a 1 sentence summary that will make me remember characteristics of each king. after reading 26 books i can’t remember who is who.

House of Plantagenet Family Tree from britroyals.com

House of Plantagenet Family Tree from britroyals.com

anyhoo, now i am on uneasy lies the head. it’s engaging so far. elizabeth of york is wimpy. henry VII is kind of an asshole.

o we went to rockaway beach yesterday.

rockaway beach

rockaway beach


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2 Responses to ohai long time no post

  1. Roy Zornow says:

    u cud take that family tree photo and use Dreamweaver to create Rollover hotspots on it that would have little reminder blurbs about each monarch.

    • bettyx1138 says:

      no rollovers hiding the content LOL.

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