m sick, at least w/ gall bladder stones; hope it’s not worse


so after about a month of on and off bad to moderate symptoms i had a sonogram (2 days ago, friday) which showed gall badder stones.

the GI dr however was like i’m not convinced that’s the cause. he said something about the walls of the gall bladder looking normal and not inflamed.

so tomorrow (monday) i’ll talk to him again. he should get blood test results re: liver and pancreas.

m only mildly queasy now. been taking zegerid which has helped a lot w/ the hard core bad pain and nausea.

of course i’ve been reading on my own on the interwebs.

could be pancreatitis. or could be pancreatic cancer. hope it’s simply gall bladder stones or pancreatitis.

i want to be fine to go to suisse on 9/2/11 goddammit!!

it doesn’t ease my worry that I’ve dropped 10 lbs in the past month. not cool. could b cuz i haven’t eaten much cuz i’ve been nauseous. but it’s also a cancer symptom. i am glad to drop weight as i’ve always been overweight but i’d prefer to lose it from normal dieting and working out.

i feel like i’ve had bad luck throughout my life and getting cancer would fit in. like yep just my luck that the worse thing that could happen to me has happened.

i just need to talk to GI dr tomorrow and find out plan of action. goddammit.


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