Another Plaidy book, I love Switzerland, and Lake Como Italy is Boring

Just finished Plaidy’s Here Lies our Sovereign Lord, Vol. 3 of the Charles II trilogy. What a disappointment! Don’t read it. I suspect her book publisher was like can you squeeze one more book in like about anything just publish something? It was about Charles II and his relationships with 3 of his favorite mistresses. Like, who cares? It’s unlike her other books.

i love switzerland
i love switzerland

Went to Switzerland last month. Pics here:

I love Switzerland. I want to live there. It’s so civilized there.

We also went to Lake Como for the last few days; It was booooring. Bellagio was like being at a mall in the US that’s set up to look like an old Italian hill town on a lake. It caters so heavily to American and northern euro tourists (old ones) that it feels as if it’s lost its authenticity.

The best times we had there were when we hiked up into the hills above the small towns, away from the cheeseball tourist spots.


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