Project Bettyway

Last night I had a dream I was on Project Runway. No, I can’t sew or design clothes in real life or in this dream.

The contract to be on the show was printed on a big colorful silk scarf that I signed with Tim Gunn.

For the first challenge I had to team up with some guy (who could sew thank god)(cuz the outfit was made and I have no recollection of sewing, but I do remember planning the the outfit and it got done some how.)

The outfit was like a weird 80s/90s rave-like outfit. with big psychedelic bellbottoms, suspenders, the model (may have been me?! really skinny and all that shit!?) had a mohawk and wild 80s make up. Yeah, the model was me for a while at least. I was thin! How nice it was to be thin and hot. Even tho I was wearing that monstrosity. Which was considered cool in the dream.

There was a lot of ‘hurry up and wait’ cuz it’s a TV show so I woke up before I could be judged. I remember thinking that if I get voted off I don’t care just doing one round is cool cuz I really have no place being here since I can’t sew or design.


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