Dear 10-year-old Me,

If I could write a missive and send it back in time to my 10 year old self, I’d tell her this:

Dear Beth in 1975,

You know how you love cake? And wish you could eat it for dinner? Well, guess what?! When you are 4*, one evening, you are going to bake a cake and that will be your dinner. Intentionally. No one will yell at you and tell you you can’t do it. Sorry it’s not a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting like Grandma Carey made. (Yeah, “made” past tense – she’s dead now, sorry.) It’s an apple blueberry cake. (And, yeah, you become a grown up in some ways and not everything is about chocolate cake.)

Just thought i’d let u know!

Now, don’t get fat cuz once u get fat in your late 30’s it’s IMPOSSIBLE to lose it! Seriously! Listen to me!

Love, old betty (people are going to start calling u betty in the early 90s. don’t worry. it’s ok.)

Cake for dinner


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