OMG I’m old enough to need BIFOCALS WTF?!

I knew it would happen at some point but I didn’t feel it was time yet, but it is. Yes, gentle readers, it is official that this betty needs (gulp) bifocals.

For months, when I read in bed, I’ve been using these clip-on magnifiers that I have for making jewelry.

Me actively repressing the idea that I need bifocals.

Me actively repressing the idea that I need bifocals.

So I’m out doing errands yesterday and I pass the eyeglass place that I’ve used forever – Manhattan Eyeworks. (They’re very nice there and their prices are cheaper than other places. I recommend them except for everything except for buying frames. Their frames are kind of boring. Get frames elsewhere like at Devonshire Optical,  MyopticsFabulous Fanny’s, etc.)

Anyway, so reluctantly swing in to see if I can get an eye exam on the fly or schedule one and they could see me then. So, yeah. It was a moment of slight depression when he said I need them. They have “progressive” lenses now, like a gradient for the lens so you don’t see the block where the bifocal part is.

So, whatevs, I’ll bring in one of my frames today to have done. It will be nice to see better. It’s only been 1.5 years since my last lens upgrade but I’ve noticed I can’t see distances as well too.



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