the daily whine: my life is so boring

my life is so boring

my life is so boring

i go to work all week at moderately soul-crushing job. (it’s like the least soul-crushing i can find.)

i see a trainer once a week on tuesdays.

i do a bollywood dance class on mondays.

i do a hip hop bollywood dance class on thursdays.

sundays i go to the gym.

i have some upcoming trips to look forward to – a week in northern CA in july, then 2 weeks in southern italia and amalfi. ok fine.

i read these lovely jean plaidy books.

i do have a great bff to hang out with every day. technically my ex-b/f but he’s just my bff now. and that’s fine and lovely the way it is. we’ve been together in one way or another for 20 yrs now! holy shiznit!

i don’t have the energy to do anything arty cuz i work 40+ hours/week.

i have to do some retirement savings planning and calculations and save a bunch so i can retire early to get that little extra social security (which is not much really) and live off savings or interest.  that way i can have a life again without having to have a wage slave job. goddamn it.

i want to spend time doing the silversmithing jewelry making i started learning and doing. and maybe real art like urban bedtime stories again.


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