Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii was gonna say something, but I forgot what.


i often think of things to write when i am not poised in front of a keyboard and think “yeah i should write about that”. then i get in front of a keyboard and i blank. i’m like blahhhh my life is so booooring.

i leave for CA in a few dayssss yay. well, i’ll b working when i am there mon, tues, thurs and fri. but still. it’s better than being trapped in an office.

what else?

i made some nice, relatively tasty and healthy dinner food 2nite.

i’ve exercised sun, mon and today, tuesday. it’s a good thing.

remember how i did acid every morning for week in college once? i should exercise every day for a week to see if it’s as exciting. exciting in a middle-aged way. lol.

heavy sigh.

my life is so boring. i’ll add some fotos soon to prove it.


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