ohai! let me procrastinate here: italia, cat, cali and queen books

i need to go out an buy boxes and pack shit. and help sister take down xmas tree so ornaments can b stored in my apt (where they came from)… and have to call for a laundry pick up/delivery… doesn’t sound like a lot. but when i’m comfortable in bed with a good ass book (new york by edward rutherford) and a cup of tea, it’s hard to get moving. even if it’s to get up and open the door for the laundry guy. i know i am lazy sometimes. but when i am not lazy i am as productive as i am good at being lazy… writing this is procrastination.

wnyc has pledge drive again. that’s so annoying. they should have a pwd for ppl who gave already this year so i don’t have to listen to the babbling.

i haven’t written in a long time.

i went to italia last summer and saw where my great grandparents came from – a small town of 800 in the calabria mountains called miglierina. we’ve become friendly w/ some distant relatives (my grandma’s 1st cousin’s daughter and her family). they are so awesome. in miglierina, almost everyone i felt resembled the italian side of my family! fotos here:

OMG TROPEA IS SO GORGEOUS!who would buy a magazine about fb?skat!who would buy...took pic so i can translate laterchillin on the hotel palace beach upon arrival.
made it to catanzaro lido!yay we made it!calabria is known for its giant red onions/cipollelocal handsome calabrian men playing futbol on cat lidocat lidocat lido
cat lido1st day vid report for mia famiglia back a homethe restaurant @ hotel palace where we had a lovely breakfast each morninga guy on cat lido who looks a lot like my great-uncle frank (sr) and cousin frank (jr)a guy on cat lido who looks a lot like my great-uncle frank (sr) and cousin frank (jr)my most awesome new cousins ilaria e angelina
i <3 catanzaro lido!a statue in catanzaro centermeeting tomasso, mia nonna's 1st cousin!cin cin! meeting tomasso, mia nonna's 1st cousin!cin cin! meeting tomasso, mia nonna's 1st cousin!meeting tomasso, mia nonna's 1st cousin!

what else? i got a new cat. i think i posted about that already. yeah, mr peepers starting dying (standard old age renal failure) while i was traveling back. they day after i got back the vet came and did a home euthanasia. poor kitty.

i heavily grieved. i’d had him from age 6 months for 14 years. a few days after he died  i stopped at petco kittykind to look at the cats just for kicks. the inevitable happened – i fell for a qat and filled out an adoption form. picked him up the next day, friday sept 7. he’s the opposite of peepers. he’s totally social and loves ppl! Fotos here.

so i quit my job which is a little sad. the ppl were really nice and respected me and it was easy and i only worked 40 hrs/week… i could go into more detail but i won’t.

BUT NOW i’m going to the san fran bay area now for 6 months. i need a fucking change. i’ve been in the same nyc apt since like 1991 doing the same kind of work and same kind of life all this time… there are a lot of things i like about nyc. but every block i walk down i feel i’ve walked down hundreds of thousands of times… it’s all so boring now. and, the block i live on is not what it used to be. i moved to this hood in “91 to get away from bourgeois uh’merrica. now it’s the center of the fucking douchebag universe. well, i bet there are worse places. like places where westboro baptist douche church ppl hang out. but still – fucking st. marks place in nyc is douchey as all fuck. it’s becoming like temple bar in dublin or that part of new orleans where douchebags go to drink too much and act like assholes.

anyhoo, after 6 months in cali, i think i’ll either end up:

  1. stay in cali – like close out the apt in nyc and move permanently. i can’t really imagine that.
  2. come back to nyc without car
  3. come back to nyc with a car and get a 2nd place in bumblefuck upstate or new england so i can get out of nyc more. (tinyhouse cottages i can have made for not too much.)
  4. keep the apt in nyc and keep apt in cali and be bicoastal.

i’ll see.

i am totally procrastinating… i don’t want to move i am too comfortable. blah blah blah.

what else?

oh i’ve been reading the jean plaidy queen books. i ordered the next 2 to be sent to the cali apt where i’ll be – the one about lucrezia borgia and the one about catherine de’medici.

i’m reading new york by edward rutherford now. it’s quite awesome.


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2 Responses to ohai! let me procrastinate here: italia, cat, cali and queen books

  1. James says:

    This is SO weird! I am watching THX1138 on Amazon Prime and decided to see how you are doing and here you are…posting!

    I can’t believe you are moving! Sorry to hear about Mr. Peepers. If you are seeing Jenna out in Cali tell her I say hi. Be good!

  2. bettyx1138 says:

    james who wrote the previous comment – who are you?

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