oHai! I’m in California.

So I’m in Alameda CA for @ 6 months for a change of scenery. Maybe I’ll stay longer.

Am interviewing around. 2 of the places I’ve interviewed at are real software cos. It’s like the ones in NYC I’ve worked at were like baby software dev compared to these ppl. They seem much smarter and methodical and measured than NYC ppl. However, those are 1st impressions from interviews. One place I met w/ 5 ppl one on one and the other w/ 6 ppl one on one. All consecutively. It’s exhausting. Also interviewed at a UX agency. UX agencies are a new thing. A very good thing of course. Respect. I interviewed at another place but I didn’t like them – seemed kinda boring so I won’t say anything about them in case someone is stalking me. Had some phone interviews w/ some other places I didn’t want to pursue. I’ll get something in the next month. I don’t want to rush into a new job.

I got a bike! I love riding around. You can ride to get groceries or to get take out or to the beach or around the former navy base.


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