Rewatching Alien (1979) and Prometheus (2012) = WTF


I loved Alien when it came out. I think I watched it 100 times on HBO or whatever cable movie channel it was on back then.

This is what a cable TV remote control looked like back then, kids!

This is what a cable TV remote control looked like back then, kids!

I am not annoyed by Aliens. It is Prometheus that has left me most annoyed and dissatisfied.

Here are my grievances in no particular order. If you have polite, logical answers, please email me ( TIA:

  • If Prometheus happened 100 years b4 Alien, why didn’t the ppl on the Alien ship know about the cave drawings back on earth pointing to where they ended up? It should have been scientific knowledge and their universes or whatever were mapped as they were flying around them.
  • What happened to the alien at the beginning of Prometheus when he drank the black fluid? Did he try to kill himself or did his colleagues force him to? Or did he do it to create the whack alien hybrid that manifested as black liquid? If the latter, how did he know it would create that nasty hybrid? And why would he do this?
  • Why were there no female alien Engineers?
  • I like the biologist’s eyeglasses. I should gotten those kind instead of the glasses I just got.
  • I like that the gay mercenary from the Borgias is in P. He’s amusing. I wish he’d lived.
  • Michael Fassbender is totally hawt. He’s surely too handsome and lovely 2 b str8. Why can’t I find a boyfriend that looks like that?
  • Why were the alien Engineer ppl in Prometheus planning on destroying the humans of earth?
  • What was the story behind that big pig pile of alien Engineer bodies they found when they 1st landed? (The ones the gay Borgia mercenary geologist and biologist were pondering when they were stuck on the planet overnight.)
  • What was the story behind the “movie” of aliens chasing each other the crew saw when they 1st landed?
  • The alien “engineers” DNA was human. Fine. Does this mean they were NOT the creators of humans – that they were created by whatever as much as humans were?
  • Why did David dose the the guy dr who boffed Elizabeth? He couldn’t have known they would boff.
  • Lastly and most importantly, how would Elizabeth locate the Engineer alien home? Where is that? I WANT TO KNOW WHAT FUCKING HAPPENS WHEN SHE GETS THERE! And, I hope she programs David to be her beau. That would b cool.

Miscellaneous things they should have addressed:

  • Why is the older Prometheus technology more advanced-looking than the technology on the Alien ship? Hm? That’s annoying. I don’t buy the “the world is going to hell in a hand basket and product quality is going to shit in the future” excuse.
  • Why do they smoke so much in the future (Alien)? Did they discover that smoking is good 4 people? I know it was made in 1979 but I still find it annoying.

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One Response to Rewatching Alien (1979) and Prometheus (2012) = WTF

  1. yuthapat Singhanate says:

    I agree to all of yours comments, I was stuck in the dark then where I can hardly find some answer for the second part of promethuse if they’re ever make to similar of Alieans

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