Ladytron, Destroy Everything You Touch and My Dad Dying (Years ago)

this song came out in my dad’s final weeks/months of dying of cancer. i’d too frequently drive 3 hrs each way from NYC to central CT to be with him as much as i could. in the final weeks, i’d speed up there to deal with crises so anxiety-producing i can’t describe. imagine working 50+ hrs/week in NYC and doing this drive frequently… this song and several others – i’d play them loud and loudly sing along while doing this drive as a way of coping and keeping myself sane. i can’t hear this song now without being transported back to that. i love this song SO much. listening to it now in a way makes me feel closer to my passed dad.

i hope the ladytron ppl who wrote this see this so they can see how much this song means to me.


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