blue oyster cult don’t fear the reaper, gin and tonics and pot smoking

this came out when i was in high sckool. totally reminds of me drinking gin and tonics and smoking pot and getting totally smashed and having fun doing so. ah youth. (no i don’t drink g&t’s nor do i smoke pot anymore.)


routine alcohol consumption in medieval anglo social evolution

u might call me a late bloomer when it comes to learning certain things i should have learned in school.

booze. medieval england and germany, ok?

so i’m reading these historical fiction books that take place back then and they’re always drinking wine and ale even at breakfast and during the day. i’m like hmm that’s weird. how’d they ever get anything done?  i assume it was their drink of choice because they were excessive or something as these books are about royals.

so i’m reading about catherine of aragon and she goes to england and she’s like omg they don’t drink water here cuz its dirty. instead they drink ale and wine all the time. she explains to arthur, to whom she was first married and loved very much (supposedly), that in espana they’d piped in clean water from the mountains directly into the cities and of course directly into the palace where she’d lived.

she was also appalled that the english did not have running water for cleaning themselves as they did in espana. (as influenced by the arabs.)  oh and it was a moorish african doctor in this book that told catherine to boil english water b4 drinking it when everyone else was telling her to drink ale and vino. (no wonder so many women miscarried back then!) i could go on about these kinds of interesting tidbits but i wont.

so i’m thinking… if a culture (specifically, mediaeval england) for decades if not centuries evolved with *everyone* consuming alcohol daily, would that make them perpetually sleepy or put a damper on productivity? how the hay did they get anything done?! maybe they built up a tolerance to booze? i suppose they would have.  …. i wonder if more ppl died back then from liver disease?

i wonder if it was the introduction of coffee to england that ppl stopped consuming wine and ale like fratboys and drank coffee and tea instead? (i read somewhere, i forget what book it was, an author positing that the reformation was sparked by mass consumption of caffeine — it made everyone perky and talkative.)

and when and who introduced drinking water regularly by everyone? was it simultaneous with tea and coffee consumption?

the most interesting question – when ale and wine was no longer consumed regularly by everyone, i wonder how all aspects of culture were affected?  i imagined ppl got more shit done and could think clearer. i bet there were influences we wouldn’t even think of. i’d love to go back in time and observe such things.

so…. maybe the reformation happened cuz ppl stopped being alcoholics and switched to being caffeine addicts?

i didn’t study this shit in high school or college. i was a lame student when it came to history. but, i find it interesting now.

anyhoo, if anyone comes across this and knows of any academic writings on this subject please send them to me. TIA.

update: found this interesting rink:

did benny hill fill in for ozzy osbourne on his 1981 tour?

once when i was in high school i got really drunk n high b4 an ozzy osbourne show @ 1981/2). i spent the show thinking i was watching benny hill doing a parody of a heavy metal death rock singer.

my boyfriend at the time spent the show throwing up on the floor at our seats.

good times.

i’m pretty sure he is lip synching in this:

last fri nite boozin

cowerker bonding… new cowerker with whom i’ve hit it off. hope it stays good and she turns out 2 b as cool as i think she is. (u know how sometimes u can hit it off w/ someone right away then they turn out 2 b diff).

fukk off is how roy and i say hi i like u

me n rz:

yeah i found my way home:

goin out is a CHORE

am schlepping to bklyn to see a band. new womyn, nancy, at werk’s friend is in a pop band (not muzik i like). so nancy knows i;m single and some ppl she used to werk w/, ‘puter types, r gonna be there and she thinks theres a guy among them i mite like 😀

this hasn’t happened in 20 years – where someone i know is like hey come out w/ my friends theres a single guy u mighjt like. wtf?! that NEVR happens anymore.

i hope my boss dude goes he’s cool.

jutta’s going to meet me there.

update: see update with fotos here.

sat. 09/29/07

i slept almost til noon.

i wonder if i;m becoming an alcoholic? i drink almost every nite. anywhere between 1 – 3 glasses of vino. ??  i’ll have to ask my friend jonathan who went thru AA.

then friend came by whom i am trying to avoid. she had to pick up mail she had sent here. she stayed for about an hr. i had to be nice.

she believes she is a psychic healer.

^^^ now that’s funny.

she really believes it.

she believes in aliens among us but we can’t see them. she thinks she’s a medium.

really, if she had these abilities u’d think she’d have more going for her. she’s in her 40s and unemployable. she wants to be an actress she says but never does anything about it. she has no work ethic i think cuz her parents never taught her perhaps? they still help her out.


i was supposed to pick up something at the post office but i blew it off. now i really have ot go b4 werk or at lunch…. which never happens when i try.

i have to go to fedex and mail keys to mandy and go to gym.

i should stop by hair salon and schedule haircut.

i spent almost a yr growing my hair out and now its really annoying. i can’t stand it sitting on my neck.

what else….

going sailing tomorrow.

none of this is funny.

where is the humor and fun in my life? do i need to start taking acid again? or maybe that’s why i’m like this now.