Project Bettyway

Last night I had a dream I was on Project Runway. No, I can’t sew or design clothes in real life or in this dream.

The contract to be on the show was printed on a big colorful silk scarf that I signed with Tim Gunn.

For the first challenge I had to team up with some guy (who could sew thank god)(cuz the outfit was made and I have no recollection of sewing, but I do remember planning the the outfit and it got done some how.)

The outfit was like a weird 80s/90s rave-like outfit. with big psychedelic bellbottoms, suspenders, the model (may have been me?! really skinny and all that shit!?) had a mohawk and wild 80s make up. Yeah, the model was me for a while at least. I was thin! How nice it was to be thin and hot. Even tho I was wearing that monstrosity. Which was considered cool in the dream.

There was a lot of ‘hurry up and wait’ cuz it’s a TV show so I woke up before I could be judged. I remember thinking that if I get voted off I don’t care just doing one round is cool cuz I really have no place being here since I can’t sew or design.


omg i had a dream that while working on a pharmaceutical project, michael jackson was an intern or entry level person at the company

totally weird dream.

first, i was at a place that was a cross between sva mfa-ca, umass amherst, and a nyc tech co… something about me going from one place to another… someone who was working on recruiting sucked at it; i knew more ppl he did and recruited ppl just by IMing ppl i know… something about big ass monitors (yay)… something about it being at or enar umass amherst (but not hampshire)…

then the weirdest part — i was working on a pharma job (which in real life i am now cuz it pays well) in an office w/ some ppl with good natural lighting. an intern comes in to give me a message about the *weather* of all things. and who is the intern? michael fucking jackson. he was young and healthy and perky and nice. weird. we chatted about the weather for like a minute. he seemed clear headed, not like he was on drugs.

then later in the dream he came back in and did the same thing – another message about the weather. it was pretty useless info. but it was amusing office shit cuz it was michael jackson.


whatever mary.

maybe mr. jackson is now interning at the big pharmaceutical company in the sky.

i dreamed that i was at a dinosaur safari park resort in africa last night

so i was uganda i think. it was on the ocean so the resort part was by a nice ocean beach. (uganda in reality is landlocked i believe except for lake victoria.)

it was a safari park where they’d genetically engineered dinosaur dna so the resulting dinosaurs would not attack ppl. (at no point did i think of jurassic park.)

we’d go out in to these plains on walking safaris where dinosaurs roamed wild. it was kinda scary. they were supposed to not attack ppl but i didn’t trust them. there were camping platforms and huts made out of wood so u could camp on the plains. i was like mmm i’ll think i’ll pass on that part.

the resort part was gated and guarded. and the beach was nice. a lot of the guests had their kids w/ them.

there was only one phone at the front gate that i had to use. the gate was not closed. there was a guard slouching in a chair w/ a gun to guard against dinosaurs. there was a big roadkill dinosaur and i felt bad for it because how was it supposed to know to stay away from speeding cars. it was red w/ black spots.

i had a dream i had a date with eric from true blood omg

so in this dream i was about to have a date w/ eric from true bood (the character not the actor). just as i heard him arrive outside my door in the dream, someone in real life in the room w/ me who will go unnamed said to me “betty, you should wake up now, its late.” and voila my dream was over and i was awake! WTF OMG that was so annoying! i was about to have sex w/ eric from true blood.

the rest of the dream was fucking wild its hard to describe. i wonder if i have weird dreams like this cuz of all the acid i did in my youth. the dream was kinda like tripping.

to describe it is exhausting my synapses, so the main themes:

  • aliens watching us humans on earth on a computer like google maps but with ppl and thoughts
  • film students at temple U
  • a little dog who i could communicate w/
  • all this other stuff i can’t describe
  • amherst/noho
  • a very cool movie i was watching where jenna or me were the protagonist and all this cool shit happened to us (can’t describe)
  • chris B made an appearance, he seemed relatively OK
  • mental telepathy or superior mental powers
  • something like the aliens or the movie or some paranormal power was making cool shit happen.

i guess when ppl list off the long term side effects of lsd they should add exceedingly vivid dreams. or maybe its just me.

weird dream last nite about college reunion in present day. eh.

was some kind of HC reunion/party in present day. the building it was in was all like glass and silver and 50′ ceilings kind of like the bloomberg online offices in midtown but without the financial screens and with a pond in the middle. … there were some ppl playing 80s music like front242-ish and i was like yay cool muzik. i dont know where this was.

we went on a road trip up some mountain that was kind of like desert but we came back pretty fast.

some guy i hadn’t seen since college and barely remembered asked me to marry him. he had kristen who was the merrill house person (red hair a little older than me) send a paper boat with a marriage proposal he had written onto the pond while we were on the pond on an island. he got me to pick up the boat and read the msg. i was like this is someone else’s. is this yours? (i was like this can’t b for me.) and he got all upset and humiliated. he thought i’d read it and b happy and say yes but i didnt even get that it could possibly be for me.

he was all humiliated and upset and i was like oh shit sorry. but really i;m thinking wtf i havent seen this guy in 20 years how can he expect me to marry him. he was short too. i didnt even want to go out w/ him.

i remember thinking oh no i;m being how i was when i was younger (hurting ppl’s feelings without meaning to) and i felt bad but not that bad cuz his expectation was really unreasonable. he slinked away but reappeared a few times trying to convince me to marry him.

then there was this other part… it was like more college reunion stuff… in a place where there were a few a nice high end stores, a restaurant where a couple i didnt know were getting married (yeah they were hc ppl) and a village green. it was winter so it was a little muddy and cold.

this is the weird part — housing that was like eco-friendly igloos! or like where had been regular apts were replaced by these hippie igloo apts. i went to the apt that was my and roy’s and roy was there. the other ppl on the hall were all hc ppl (grown ups now).

there was something about my iphone. and the guy who had asked me to marry him showed up. he was upset about roy even tho he had no reason to be, well, several reasons.

i think this eco-friendly igloo housing was some kind of town that hc ppl were starting, they were gonna live together as grown ups in some uptopian-designed eco-PC village. they were trying to get alums to buy into it and move there. but it wasn;t in nyc so i wasn;t planning on staying. and even as nice as it was it would have been annoying being around so many hc ppl all the time. 🙂 lol. (even tho i miss ppl in real life.)

last nite i had a dream that i went back to school to get another masters degree

but this time in psychology. that’s totally weird cuz in real life i would never think of such a thing.


oh i just remembered there was this other part of the dream that was at a sunny warm hot beach and there was lots of clear blue water. something abt a sail boat. there were sharks in the water, u could see them as huge sharks when u looked at them from land or a dock or a boat and they were kinda scary. but in the water there was no fear and they were smaller.

something abt snorkeling and diving. and lounging in the ocean in the nice waves on one of those foam pads ppl ly on in the water.

weird dream

i dreamt that judy was dating christopher guest. he’s pretty old now, close to her age.

they were moving in together.

he gave me somme dialogue in his next movie. in the movie i played his daughter who he bickered w/ but in a not bad way.

there was something about someone either kris or judy changing apts in nyc. or we all had to move in w/ judy and christpher like me and kris were kids again.

fucking weird!!