Carnival Card from Ken

how can u not love someone who sends such things?:



Chinese New Year

 Saw fireworks. THey are to scare away evil spirits u know.



That’s maren ^

Then we met chris and rio for dinner:



These ppl were obnoxious; we could hear them complaining 10 feet away:

Its year of the pig so i ate a lot:

i walked home:

These chairs are lit up on the sidewalk in front of a bar:

I love this bag store; i’ve been meaning to go back there for months to get a bag like the one on the left:

restaurant supply places on bowery are cool. it won’;t b long b4 they are pushed out by all the gentrification:


my cam takes short vid clips. This is the block i’ve lived on for 15 years. have seen it change a lot over the years:

Seeing friends

i wonder if seeing friends is selfish cuz u get to talk about yerself to them?

sloths on valenfucks day

today is valentines day which is lame i shouldn’t even give this hallmark gratuitous consumerist bullshit any attention. ok i admit i sent a vday ecards to friends and family (from its kind of an excuse to send that kinda shit that says “hey i appreciate u”. cuz we can;t say that in our everyday life. well, i do now i guess.

anyway, got this charming ecard from friend sara who is living in costa rica where as u see she often comes across sloths in her daily activities!


i lunched w/ a handsome young dude who i worked w/ years ago; he’s hott but a) i don’t think he’d be into me like that and b) if he were it would be problematic i kno. but it was nice to sit across from a hott dude and chat for a while.

i brought some werk home cuz i dint get as much done as i wanted 2 2day… dunnno if i’ll get to it…

wow new llbean and garnet hill catalogues came today! could mypatheic life get any more interesting?

my friend ken and movies

so someone i kno is hosting a (sarcastic) oscars nite party (lisa levy at joe’s pub) and i’m emailing w/ Scout Master Supreme Grand Admiral Ken. he’s such a hoot i have to post this typical Ken-speak:

I’m trying to make a point of only watching dvd’s & tapes of films that are so impossibly badly done that it creates a new paradigm of beauty & depth which, if experienced by a retarded person or a chimp or even an average shopper @ a mall, would produce an effect of complete forgetability-ness- much like watching individual grains of sand blowing past @ close range or allowing one’s self to be subsumed by a tee-vee game/reality PROGRAM or eating too many noodles…

driftwood and girlhood

killing time waiting for a friend whose name should b Driftwood.

watching this movie Girlhood


its sad i want to adopt this main character grrl megan. she seems like w/ the proper guidance she could be so awesome.