Rewatching Alien (1979) and Prometheus (2012) = WTF


I loved Alien when it came out. I think I watched it 100 times on HBO or whatever cable movie channel it was on back then.

This is what a cable TV remote control looked like back then, kids!

This is what a cable TV remote control looked like back then, kids!

I am not annoyed by Aliens. It is Prometheus that has left me most annoyed and dissatisfied.

Here are my grievances in no particular order. If you have polite, logical answers, please email me ( TIA:

  • If Prometheus happened 100 years b4 Alien, why didn’t the ppl on the Alien ship know about the cave drawings back on earth pointing to where they ended up? It should have been scientific knowledge and their universes or whatever were mapped as they were flying around them.
  • What happened to the alien at the beginning of Prometheus when he drank the black fluid? Did he try to kill himself or did his colleagues force him to? Or did he do it to create the whack alien hybrid that manifested as black liquid? If the latter, how did he know it would create that nasty hybrid? And why would he do this?
  • Why were there no female alien Engineers?
  • I like the biologist’s eyeglasses. I should gotten those kind instead of the glasses I just got.
  • I like that the gay mercenary from the Borgias is in P. He’s amusing. I wish he’d lived.
  • Michael Fassbender is totally hawt. He’s surely too handsome and lovely 2 b str8. Why can’t I find a boyfriend that looks like that?
  • Why were the alien Engineer ppl in Prometheus planning on destroying the humans of earth?
  • What was the story behind that big pig pile of alien Engineer bodies they found when they 1st landed? (The ones the gay Borgia mercenary geologist and biologist were pondering when they were stuck on the planet overnight.)
  • What was the story behind the “movie” of aliens chasing each other the crew saw when they 1st landed?
  • The alien “engineers” DNA was human. Fine. Does this mean they were NOT the creators of humans – that they were created by whatever as much as humans were?
  • Why did David dose the the guy dr who boffed Elizabeth? He couldn’t have known they would boff.
  • Lastly and most importantly, how would Elizabeth locate the Engineer alien home? Where is that? I WANT TO KNOW WHAT FUCKING HAPPENS WHEN SHE GETS THERE! And, I hope she programs David to be her beau. That would b cool.

Miscellaneous things they should have addressed:

  • Why is the older Prometheus technology more advanced-looking than the technology on the Alien ship? Hm? That’s annoying. I don’t buy the “the world is going to hell in a hand basket and product quality is going to shit in the future” excuse.
  • Why do they smoke so much in the future (Alien)? Did they discover that smoking is good 4 people? I know it was made in 1979 but I still find it annoying.

i loved young victoria the movie!

looooooved it!

a teenaged grrl becomes queen and tells her mother to f* off. she bosses around old grown men. ppl bow to her constantly. she does what she wants, not what they want her to do. and she falls in love for real with a really nice guy who supports her being queen. and they both want to help ppl. it all brings a tear to your eye. why can’t my life be like this.

when it ended i was like what its over already? i wanted it to go on.

check it out.

hai i saw this movie smiley face its rilly good

Smiley Face

this was really funny.

for the record i haven’t smoked pot in years and haven’t done in on a regular basis in like 20+ years. but this was really funny. i love this grrl. she’s so cute and funny.


yesterday finished watching national lampoon’s pledge this, was sophmorically cute 3/5.

also watched michael clayton 2/5.

then lastly watched no country for old men 2/5 – interesting antagonist, but _very_ slow, non-hollywood happy ending or resolution.

oh and for the record i went to the fucking gym yesterday too! w00t!

finished reading skinny bitch too! loved it!

so after the gym i bought organic fruit and vegan groceries ($33 for 2 plastic bags of stuff) inspiried by skinny bitch. am gonna do my best to eat healthily.

g.i. jane kicked assssss!!!! (brokeback mountain was boring – sorry)

saw blades of glory (liked it – was funny) and g.i. jane – totally xcellent kicks asssss!!!! (even tho its violent and military I LOVEDDDDD ITTT!!!!!!!)


watching brokeback mountain — am 5 mins into it omg its so slow and boring. i;m gonna watch it only cuz ppl talk about it all over the place,… whatevs… i’ll report back later. the accents are annoying.

the sheep r cute… but shit i can;t believe ppl like this. YAWNNNNN.

update after watching BB mountain: ok it nearly put me to sleep and i had to ff thru the parts when nothing was ahppening which was a lot.

i can’t believe ppl are gah gah over this movie. i’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about it. i think everyone feels they have ot say they liked it to be PC? yeah so what 2 married allegedly hetero dudes fall in love and there’s drama yeah it happens all over the place. at least make a movie that has a little more pizazz and moves along faster and doesn’t have bad accents.

imho of course. i have a short attention span.

yawner saturday

yesterday at gym i got a massage after werk out.

i also talked to a the trainer manager (who’s kinda cute – he has long hair and a goatee – not jock-looking at all). there are some trainers there who are also physical therapists and i told him about my back probs and how i want to get into shape but be careful about my back blah blah blah.

i have a buy a package of training sessions… i’ll do that this coming week.

last nite watched eastern promises which i really liked, and the wendell baker story which was a little weak but owen wilson was awesome in it… continued reading middlesex… i slept thru the nite then on and off all day whilst npr 820am was on in background… had some scary dreams.

i’m just having dinner w/ chris and rio 2nite. i need to get a more active social life.

its like there’s shit i can do but i’ve gotten so lazy and unmotivated.

shit, i was supposed to have done some werk this past week on werking days but i didnt. i really have to do this shit. cuz they dudes have to start on it when they come back on 1/7… and i’ll b on a sailboat in the VIs that week.


i;ve been watching the hbo/bbc tv series rome… been getting what i can from btorrents and the rest from vid store… am up to season 2 episode 5….

its addicitve.

sadly there will b no more after i get to the end of season 2. it was cancelled cuz it was too expenseive for the limited viewers it received.

its cool tho!!!

the mark anthony dude is hawt…