Pink Death Bra: My art installation collaboration with Banksy, 10/25/13

I found the bra on the street and tied it to the fence in which Grim Reaper lived. Whatevs. I went to art school. Give me money.




There is a NYC tech company that requires applicants to have 150+ Twitter followers.

co requires 150 twitter followers

Came across this while applying for UX jobs in NYC. Isn’t that special?

I’m going back to NYC

CA inn’t for me. At least year round. I’d like to spend a few weeks out here next summer like in Marin and Sonoma.

nyc and alexander fucking skarsgard

ok so i miss aspects of nyc a bit.

this clip has a vibe about nyc that i miss – something sublime (sorry to use that overused word) about an uncrowded highline on a sunny summer day and my imaginary boyfriend alexander skarsgard being all cute as fuck…

Boring life in general, Dublin, and horses.


Nothing interesting has been happening of course. Just working and being boring. You know how it is being a UX professional sell-out workin for the man.

I took a break from reading Jean Plaidy books and read/am reading the Hunger Games trilogy which is fucking awesome. At first I was like how can they present such a violent book to young people? By the end of if I was won over. The nasty world they are in has so many parallels and metaphors for our current, real world. I think it’s great that the book was published and is selling so well. It’s good that young peeps are being encouraged to think critically about the world and stand up against the powers that be when something isn’t right. Hopefully young uns reading it will think that way. I do not know any ppl of that age who are reading it. I’m almost 1/2 way through the 3rd book, Mockingjay. After it I will go back to the Plaidy list.

Oh, and I went to fucking Dublin this month. “Fucking Dublin” doesn’t imply anything particularly bad or good. It was nice to get away from NYC for a while and be a tourist and explore a new place. Was only there for 6 days and was avec ma mere mais it was still fun anyway. It was a lot more chill than I thought it would be. And smaller. And everywhere we went, people were wildly polite and chatty. I was like WTF, who knew?

I really want to go back to Éire and rent a car and drive around the island. Just have to find someone who wants to do that with me who I’d want to go with too.

Here are some boring fotos:

the most awesome kilmainham welcoming committeeJ @ trinity college looking at old buildingsJ and flowersst. stepens greenst. stepens greenohai here we r in st. stepens green. very nice.
the irish have no probs w/ chick rebelsour home away from home@ L. mulligan grocer, a most charming pub/ mom thought it amusing that i have to put my glasses down my nose to read closely now.@ L. mulligan grocer, a most charming pub/restaurantamnesty box to return pilfering stuff @ L. mulligan grocer, a most charming pub/restaurant.
we r zuper tourists!this qat spied on us each morning.old timey bathroom stallsthe backyard of Dublin castlequeen caroline and me!awesome painting of Hades @ Dublin castle
@ Dublin castleJ inspecting barley @ the guinness storehousestart the brew!J drinkinggroovy mirrorsJ learning how to correctly pour Guinness
Dublin, Eire, May 2012, bettyx1138’s fucking set on Flickr.

What else, what else?

It’s memorial day weekend now and I pathetically get a disproportionate amount of joy out of having an extra fucking day off from work cuz I’m such a fucking corporate cube frau now. Egad, I’ve really got to get a job where I can work remotely. Or something that isn’t so soul crushing. OTOH, the job has it’s good points. Like, it’s easy. The ppl are nice. Pay is OK. When I talk to friends who do what I do at other places I often realize how good I have it. I shouldn’t complain. Whatevs, the grass is always greener. It’s still soul crushing at times and I can’t deny that. Must work on this.

I went horseback riding today. It’s the 1st time I’ve been on a horse since I injured my back in 2003! It all came back to me like riding a bike. They were docile western saddle trail horses that were only supposed to walk but I’d let mine eat grass and get left behind then try to get him to canter up to the others. He cantered only once, but easily trotted and posting was like it was doing it yesterday. I was comfortable and happy as fuck to be on a moving horse again! I SOOOOO WANTED to canter the fuck away and gallop. (I can only gallop on western which we were on.)

I reallllly want to do real riding again now. I realize I am much older than I was when I last rode and rode frequently so I have to not let myself get carried away. There are some riding holiday things in the US, EU and Africa I totally want to do. Just have to find someone who will do it w/ me and get the time off from work. Yeah, the shitty limited vaca time at this corporate job is nearly killing me. I’ve got to negotiate something.

After having been freelance for so long, I’m really enjoying the easiness of the regular paycheck and not having to deal health ins not paying for shit like you do with crappy freelance health ins. Ach. Whatevs.



men in suits

i don’t get u. i don’t get it. u look douchey. pls stop it.

ohai long time no post

i’ve been so busy at work no time to post pointless crap here. long weekend now yay.

i also have a nice hampshire (my alma mater) student staying w/ me and interning for me at the office for the summer. (he’s doing very well picking up IA/UX wicked fast and smart like a good HC person would.)  so with someone in the apt to talk to, less time to post pointless crap. but that’s ok.

i’ve read quite a few jean plaidy books since last posted about them. the whole plantagenet series is really engaging. it kind of fizzles towards the end with henry VI onwards. the last few kings were wimpy. no wonder they lost their line.

i have to take a tree like this image below and make notes like a 1 sentence summary that will make me remember characteristics of each king. after reading 26 books i can’t remember who is who.

House of Plantagenet Family Tree from

House of Plantagenet Family Tree from

anyhoo, now i am on uneasy lies the head. it’s engaging so far. elizabeth of york is wimpy. henry VII is kind of an asshole.

o we went to rockaway beach yesterday.

rockaway beach

rockaway beach