There is a NYC tech company that requires applicants to have 150+ Twitter followers.

co requires 150 twitter followers

Came across this while applying for UX jobs in NYC. Isn’t that special?


real life meeting and film/tv meeting

I was sitting in a meeting at the Madison ave agency where i work – oh, excuse me. I mean digital agency. In a meeting room across the street we could see a film shoot w actors in boring suits. (How long will it take for hollywood to catch on thar few ppl wear douchey suits anymore? And only do so reluctantly when they *have* to?)

real life madison ave meeting vs tv/film madison ave meeting

real life madison ave meeting vs tv/film madison ave meeting

what i see from my desk after 4pm est

my life is becoming like thx1138.

goddamned fluorescent lights above me in the reflection. i h8 fluorescent lights. they should b outlawed.

those ppl in the building across the street (cbs interactive) are so boring. kill me now.

i’ve been working too hard l8ly

information architect bun

i like bonobo’s organic vegan take out food place – organic vegan take out food. (or eat in.) not fancy, just basic.

here is it on google maps 4 u.

got a house salad today. i feel so healthy.

bonobo's house salad

i like jared spool

i’ve never written about work-related stuff here because this retarded blog is supposed to be a fun place. but, the following was so fun and enjoyable that i am compelled to post about it. it is in no way retarded, so i might have to rename my blog.

the illustrious mr. jared spool gave a talk at a NYC UX org a few weeks ago but i couldn’t make it.

i’d never heard him speak before but i’d read his nerd-famous blog brain sparks which is ok.

luckily for us netizens, the presentation slides and audio are on the intertubes —

this is an especially remarkable talk because most IA/UX speakers are overly-serious and uptight and at times boring  (imho). but, mr. spool is not any of those things which is a great relief! its like phew someone like me to whom i can relate.

and of course, he’s a smart guy so he’s worth listening to.
jared spool amazon talk

campaign to ban the word “robust” from any work-related conversation.

“robust” is a vague word. what’s robust to one person may not b robust to another. do not use this word. its liek saying “its good” or “its bad”.  u have to define what u mean by robust, bad or good.

it really gets my goat.